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Week 17: Moo 2.0 PCB Design [Finalizing] / ESWeek 2013 Slides

After going on break in the end of August, I have picked up work on the Moo 2.0 redesign.  I did not post last week so will try to summarize both in this week’s blog.

Before leaving for break,  I had begun the Moo 2.0 PCB design process using Altium 10 software (through virtual sites).  Leaving the board design in half-finished state, the first few days coming back were a struggle.  However, this extra time gave me a chance to reevaluate some of my initial design decisions and learn some new features of the software.  All of the CAEN computers have now upgraded their software with the latest PCB design software– Altium 2013.

The following design changes were made to the design in the last two weeks:

  • Replaced ADXL330 with ADXL362 Accelerometer: see earlier blog post for benefits
  • Replaced Seiko S-1000C20-I4T voltage detector (no longer made) with ON Semiconductor’s NCP300LSN20T1G
  • replaced variable capacitor / GKRP30066 (7 to 30pF)
  • routed remaining MCU/header connections
  • resolved All DRC errors

The new voltage detector has a very similar package and current consumption.  It has a 2.0V threshold and has a CMOS output.  The most notable change is the package (SOT-23), which has 5-pins instead of 4.  Also, it is slightly bigger in size.

The updated Schematic and PCB Image can be found here:

Schematic: Moo2.0

PCB Layout: Moo2.0_PCB_layout_091513

Next Steps

  • Finalize the BoM and order new parts (mostly from Digikey)
  • Generate gerber files and send to SierraExpress to get a quote (verify minimum annular ring of 3 mils can be manufactured)
  • Ask about Assembly process through SierraExpress


The “Moo and Cement Shoes: Future Directions of a Practical Sense-Control-Actuate Application” was accepted to the SEC 2013 TerraSwarm-sponsored workshop at ESWEEK 2013.  I will be giving a short 12-minute presentation on the concrete deployment process and benefits of the Moo 2.0.  I have begun making the slides for this venue and will hopefully give a practice talk sometime later this week.