Week 13: Last Moo deployed + TerraSwarm Abstract Submission

Last week, the contractors built-up the front wall of the basement and the final Moo (#13) was placed at the ninth course.  This marks the end of the two-month deployment process!  The placement of the Moos on the front wall can be found here: https://docs.google.com/a/umich.edu/drawings/d/1q02Q3-czy8DOJkogW27gtXUN2Q1CBVJklI0ARvrMgCk/edit

Remarks on the Front Wall Deployment

  • All Moos on front wall were placed with the signal antenna poking as far as possible into an empty cell.
  • Tin foil was used inside the empty cells to help aid backscattering of the signal on all Moos on the front wall.
  • Able to successfully read from the tested Moos on the front wall (#5 and #29) with max rate of 5 tags/sec.
  • repositioned the reader to read from Moo #29 instead of Moo #25 on the side wall (stopped responding when additional blocks were laid).

Picture of Moo #29 at third course of front wall:



  • bring additional (white square) antenna on-site so that we can collect from more of the newly placed Moos.
  • analyze current Moo data more thoroughly (Denis).

Re-flowing (Reviving) Non-working Moos in the lab

After testing the nonworking Moos from the lab, I was able to diagnose why some of them were not working.  I noticed that some of the Moos behaved better when adding a little pressure on certain parts of the circuit.  For example, some of the components did not seem to be completely seated on the PCB board and likely not fully connected.  I re-soldered the components in question and was able to get seven additional Moos working.

Observations from Tests

  • some Moos only work when JTAG is plugged in for power.  Will need to re-analyze why these are not generating enough power from the charge-pump circuit.
  • some Moos are able to generate 5.5V+ on Vout but still cannot communicate back to the reader.

TerraSwarm Submission

The remainder of the week was spent writing up a 1-2 page Abstract for the ESWeek terraSwarm workshop in September.  Mike and I collaborated on the submission and were able to finish two abstract submissions before the August 2nd deadline.  A sample of the two papers for ESWeek can be found in the google drive under Moo/Posters_Papers.

1st Abstract TitleThe Moo and Cement Shoes: Future Directions of a Practical Sense-Control-Actuate Application

2nd Abstract Title: An Attacker-Centric Threat Model for Actors in the Swarm

Next Steps

Picking up where I left off, I will try to have the Moo 2.0 schematic finished later this week so that I can start laying the new board out.


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