Week 12: Moo 2.0 Improvements, TerraSwarm Abstract Outline

Last week, I continued working on the new schematic design for Moo 2.0 and Mike and I made a rough outline for the TerraSwarm Abstract submission on August 2nd.  I spent the majority of my time reading through the MSP430 Microcontroller Basics book to learn more about how the Timers (Chpt. 8), Interrupts (Chpt. 6), and Communication (Chpt. 10) work on the MSP430 platform.  I documented my notes on the MSP430 book here.


After learning the basic functionality behind SPI, I2C, and UART, I routed the external flash (SST25WF040) on the board using the built-in connections for SPI.
Moo 1.1 Schematic                                                                          Moo 2.0 Schematic



ProblemEach of the Txx.0 (Timer_n Channel 0) pins are shared with at least one of the USCI data pins on the Wolverine chip.  Is it crucial to connect the Transmit_RFID signal to Channel 0 or can we get away with connecting it to a different pin?

Possible Sol #1: Connect Transmit_RFID pin to a higher channel # that is not shared with the USCI pins.  This may create an issue because Channel 0 has *special* functionality compared to other channels (i.e. higher priority interrupt, TACCR0 is reserved for modulus)

Possible Sol #2: Do not connect Tx_SIMO and RX_SOMI, and/or SDA_B/SCL connections on the MSP430 because they do not appear to have any special purpose on the current design.  What kinds of things were the TX_SIMO, RX_SOMI used for in the past? How important is it to keep them wired on the new board?

Next Steps:

  • TI Contact who can assist with general questions about Wolverine Chip
  • remove extra connections and place remaining components
  • start routing the PCB board

TerraSwarm Outline

Mike and I began working on the following google doc in preparation for the TerraSwarm 1-2 Page Abstract CFP deadline on August 2nd.



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