Week 2: Moo Notes

This week, I spent most of my time in the lab getting the demos to run correctly on the Moo device.  First, I demoed the Blinking LED program from the step-by-step tutorial and proceeded to get the Saturn Demo working correctly.  After installing the appropriate software (see below) and repositories from GitHub onto my PC, I was able to successfully demonstrate both of these two tasks.  However, I ran into some difficulty when trying to get the Saturn Demo to work correctly on the IAR 5.51 software.  Specifically, it would not work properly when running the latest update to the software made by Addison Mayberry (on the Moo firmware).  A temporary fix which allowed me to get the firmware to compile was to comment out the init_sensor() and read_sensor(~) function prototypes in the quick_accel_sensor.h file.  However, this caused the compiler to implicitly create the prototypes and throw a warning message.  I will continue to search for a better solution to this problem.  I am not sure why the bugfix made by Mayberry is causing this compiler error.

Downloaded software onto PC

  1. SourceTree (version Windows Git client used to manage resources from Github and track changes to files.  Note: following Addison Mayberry’s branch (iar_5_50) for current moo files.
  2. IAR Embedded Workbench IDE (version 5.51.6): used for development and interfacing with moo’s MCU.  Note: Also ran version 5.4X for comparison with an older version of the firmware.
  3. Visual Studios Professional 2012: Used to write code for card readers.

Ran simple programs to get acquainted with the Moo (from Step-By-Step tutorial online)

1. Blinking LED: ran simple program to blink the led on the moo while connected to the JTAG device.  Did not have any difficulties with this.

2. Saturn Demo Using Speedway Card Reader: works when running 2nd to last update of Moo Firmware (made by Addison Mayberry).  The Saturn graphics appeared to have a slight delay and did not seem to update automatically when moving the moo device.  Overall, communication with the accelerometers on the Moo appeared to be successful.  Note: make sure to compile with the “sensor data in” option in mymoo.h.

Changes Made to Impinj-Reader Repository (copied from from Denis’s computer)

WispDemo sw change

WispDemo sw change 2

-updated the read Address in the Wisp Demo GUI to automatically contain IP address of the Reader (

-committed both of these changes to the impinj-reader-repository on my PC (using sourceTree)

Next Steps

1. Continue to investigate reasons why Saturn demo does not work with the latest bug fix when using the IAR 5.51 software.

2. Open up the schematics and design files for the Moo PCB board layout and become familiar with what was done here.

3. Find more information about the “Wolverine” MSP430 MCU from TI.  Call TI and ask for more info and possibly a sample.


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